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We are here to help you fight the culture war when you don’t know where to begin. You are not alone. Social justice narratives like critical race theory and LGBTQ are complex ideas with complex histories that are impossible to understand if you haven’t had time to study them. We did, and we’re providing content that will educate and equip you to take a stand for what you believe. We are building content each week to give you the latest and best tools to engage in the culture war. Please consider a monthly subscription to support us and purchase a copy of How Do I Talk to My Kids about Social Justice? to get started. It’s not just for parents and gives you the foundation you need.

Book Cover of How Do I Talk To My Kids About Social Justice by Chuck Mason host of BattlegroundIdeas
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How Do I Talk to My Kids about Social Justice

Protecting Your Kids from the Woke Indoctrination of Public Schools

Social justice indoctrination of kids in public schools is reordering their minds and reshaping America. The narratives of LGBTQ, critical race theory, and cancel culture is presented to kids as unquestionable truths without counter perspectives.

Parents searching for a resource that can explain these ideologies and present counter-perspectives can find help within the pages of How Do I Talk to My Kids about Social Justice? This concise resource provides strategies that expose woke narratives using facts, evidence and critical thinking, revealing kids’ indoctrination in public schools and giving parents the information they are searching for.

Book Cover of How Do I Talk To My Kids About Social Justice by Chuck Mason host of BattlegroundIdeas
Book Chapters
  • It’s Indoctrination and It’s Intentional
  • You Speak Facts They Speak Emoji
  • Time You Spend Together Makes the Difference
  • Kindergarten Drag Queen Story Hour
  • Your Child Is a Young White Supremacist
  • Conform or Be Cast Out
  • Perspectives

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What Readers Are Saying

Tim M.

This book is a must-read for every parent with kids in the increasingly woke public school system. Mason gives conservative parents the background and logical wherewithal to start their kids thinking critically and help them reason their way out of the woke, anti-Christian mentality public school systems would have them believe.

Bob W.

As America becomes a post-truth, post-Christian culture allowing feelings instead of rational judgment to determine “reality,” the author reminds us that chaos results when societies fight over their foundational principles. The culture war impacts every area of life, even our public schools. Kids are caught in a battle to define gender, sexuality, systemic racism, and the right to freedom of speech and have dissenting opinions.  Mr. Mason provides a response that the parent can use to maintain a healthy relationship, reinforcing the traditional American worldview and balanced perspectives by having informed conversations with their children.  The book’s tone is neither vindictive nor angry. The author offers parents a relationship-centered approach using informed conversations with kids that reveal social justice narratives’ intellectual contradictions and failures when applied in society. He presents this in a manner that focuses on the values of love and compassion.  This is a handbook for parents to counter the singular approach to social justice that dominates public school schools, addressing existing cultural problems and the challenges parents face as they relate to their children in a society fighting a complex culture war.

Chuck Mason BattlegroundIdeas

Chuck Mason - About The Author

Chuck Mason (BS Biology, MDiv) studied Post-Modern philosophy and its influence on faith and American culture while pursuing a Master of Divinity degree at Fuller Theological Seminary. He has devoted his intellectual life to tracking the challenges Postmodern philosophy and American Marxism have on the American political and cultural landscape, sharing his insights and educating throughout the area.

  • As a speaker, he has presented on topics from, The Legislative Implications of Transgender Agenda for Congressman GT Thompson to The Flight from Faith – Woke Culture’s Influence on our Children’s Flight from God for pastors and churches.
  • Chuck Mason discusses the effect of contemporary Marxism on faith, culture, and politics in his podcast Battleground Ideas.
  • He supports churches as they protect families and children from the devastating influence of Post-Modern Culture through his book
    How Do I Talk to My Kids about Social Justice?
  • He continues to teach at forums and churches throughout the area.