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Battleground: Ideas forums and seminars provide the education and resources you need to protect your communities, churches, families, and kids from the impact of the culture war. Whether you’re a parent who is battling the impact of social justice narratives on your kids, a pastor trying to understand the impact of woke culture on their church and their teenager’s flight from faith, or school board members and local officials looking for help drafting public policy statements to address LGBTQ and DEI policies, we have you covered. These seminars are road-tested, and the testimonies speak to the help and support they brought to the many people who have found the education and resources they’ve been searching for. Contact Battleground: Ideas today to schedule!

Woke Culture and the Decline of the American Church

According to Gallup, only 31% of Americans have been to a religious service in the last seven days. Americans are opting out of Christianity, and young generations identify as Nones with no faith at all. They opt-out, but they won’t stop searching for a replacement spirituality and morality to fill the void they create when they push God from their lives. Today, they’re embracing woke culture as a new secular religion in America. This forum takes a deep dive into the emergence of woke culture, its role as a secular replacement spirituality, and its impact on churches across America.

The Flight from Faith – Woke Culture’s Influence on our Children’s Flight from God

This forum is designed for pastors and families and details woke culture’s influence on our children’s flight from God. This deep dive analyzes why two-thirds of our kids leave faith when they enter college and careers. We know why they leave and what makes them stay. The Flight From Faith provides a plan for parents and pastors to keep their kids connected to their walk with God.

Flight From Faith Breakout Session

This forum follows Flight from Faith and asks parents and pastors to take a hard look into how they spend time relating with their kids and lead their spiritual development. 75% of Christian parents aren’t praying or studying the Word with their kids, while youth groups focus on pizza and movies over discipleship. The Breakout Session provides concrete steps and action statements parents and pastors can apply in their homes and churches to engage their kids to lead them in discipleship and spiritual development, keeping them connected to God and changing their lives.

How Do I Protect My Kids from Woke Culture?

Woke culture is everywhere and isolating your kids from its influence is impossible. This forum gives parents strategies to minimize its intrusion into their home and talk with their kids about its influence. It examines the need for parents to spend quality time with their kids to check the influence of screen time and social media while demonstrating how to construct boundaries on unwanted influencers and provide strategies for conversations that effectively challenge the influence of social justice narratives. This seminar brings together experience and provides methods developed from the latest research from the Barna Group and Pew Foundations, the insights from How Do I Talk to My Kids about Social Justice, to build a plan to protect kids.

Hope For Our Children

This day-long seminar presents three forums: The Flight from Faith, How Do I Protect My Kids from Woke Culture? and Flight from Faith Breakout Session to provide parents and pastors with a comprehensive analysis of their children’s flight from faith and help them implement the concrete steps and action statements that can keep their children connected to God.

How Do I Talk to My Kids about Social Justice?

This forum is adapted from Chuck Mason’s book How Do I Talk to My Kids about Social Justice? It guides parents through proven methods that parents can use to protect their kids from the social justice narratives that dominate classroom curriculums and social media. Although these narratives significantly influence our kids’ flight from God, their impact can be broken when parents have the necessary information and conversation strategies. It demonstrates the need for parents to build relationships with their kids that set the stage for conversations and give them the informed strategies to challenge social justice narratives’ impact on their kids. These strategies WORK, giving you the tools and resources to protect your kids.

Book Cover of How Do I Talk To My Kids About Social Justice by Chuck Mason host of BattlegroundIdeas

How Do I Respond to The Culture War?

This comprehensive four-part seminar provides the information and resources to make sense of LGBTQ, critical race theory, and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives. It demonstrates how to respond with public policy that is informed and protective of America’s unique and singular vision.

What is Critical Race Theory?

What is LGBTQ?

What is DEI?

These three forums provide the intellectual origins of these ideologies and demonstrate how to construct effective public policy initiatives and counterarguments based on data, evidence, reason, and common sense. This is a deep dive for those involved in creating legislation and public policy or are interested in becoming educators who can pass this information on to inform members of their community.

Email at for inquiries, questions, and scheduling.

What People Are Saying

Rev. Roy A. Steward, President

Evangelical Lutheran Conference & Ministerium (ELCM); Sr. Pastor, 3 Church Parish in Blair & Bedford Counties, PA; Chaplain, Push Back-PA.

"I first met Chuck Mason at a small group luncheon where we were asked to vet him as a possible presenter for a large gathering to be held in the facility of one of my Churches. I was immediately impressed by his understanding of historical developments in Philosophy leading to the present-day attempt to teach a Secular alternative religion based on Post Modern Philosophy to our youth in public education. Chuck displayed a very solid Judeo-Christian Biblical understanding and Faith as well. His insights were excellent.  I have since read his profound and insightful book and listened to his presentations to larger groups (One of which is the Centrist Conservative Church Body I serve as President).  I wholeheartedly recommend Chuck to Pastors, Educators, Churches, and Community Organizations.  Truly, he is a tremendous resource in helping the effort the rescue and reclaim young and old from a very harmful Postmodern effort!  It is a privilege to call Chuck Mason a friend and Colleague."

Don and Cheri

Pastors in Lycoming County, Pennsylvania

"We hosted the How Do I Respond to the Culture War" workshop with 40 people from various school districts across our area. We were able to walk away with information and insight that enabled us to understand what is happening in our culture today. This forum enabled us to engage the woke Marxist ideologies by creating policies and initiatives to transform our school boards and communities. Chuck Mason does an excellent job at connecting the dots historically to the present-day social dilemmas. His book, “How Do I Talk to My Kids About Social Justice?” is a must-read for those who desire to understand and engage in today's culture war.

Chuck Mason BattlegroundIdeas

Chuck Mason - Bio

Chuck Mason (BS Biology, MDiv) studied Post-Modern philosophy and its influence on faith and American culture while pursuing a Master of Divinity degree at Fuller Theological Seminary. He has devoted his intellectual life to tracking the challenges Postmodern philosophy and American Marxism have on the American political and cultural landscape, sharing his insights and educating throughout the area.

  • As a speaker, he has presented on topics from, The Legislative Implications of Transgender Agenda for Congressman GT Thompson to The Flight from Faith – Woke Culture’s Influence on our Children’s Flight from God for pastors and churches.
  • Chuck Mason discusses the effect of contemporary Marxism on faith, culture, and politics in his podcast Battleground Ideas.
  • He supports Churches as they protect families and children from the devastating influence of Post-Modern Culture through his book
    How Do I Talk to My Kids about Social Justice?
  • He continues to teach at forums and churches throughout the area.