Get Informed Battleground:Ideas February 15, 2023

Get Informed

Wondering where to begin? Video resources from leading intellectuals to help you understand the complex ideologies behind the social justice narratives that impact your life are in the links below. You’ll find perspectives you won’t hear in the mainstream media together with facts and information that are critical for arguing counter perspectives and exposing the lies of woke culture. It takes time for the complete picture to emerge, but you’ll begin to understand as you listen. There is space to leave comments but keep them intelligent and respectful.

Cancel Culture is a tool of Marxist societies that enforces complete adherence to social justice norms through any means necessary.
This page presents insights from prominent Black intellectuals on critical race theory, systemic racism, and the role of cultural influences and individual choice in the success of individuals and minority groups.
The article challenges the notion of climate hysteria and presents counter perspectives from credible scientists.
This article discusses the cultural debate over LGBTQ issues, focusing on the criteria that define gender and its influence on the social architecture of gender in America.
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    April 5, 2023, 6:30 pm


    Please let me get involved with your efforts! I’m currently reading your book and just today visited this website. I too am impassioned to push back against these issues. Starting locally here in blue Centre County. I would LOVE to join forces.

    Can we get together over some coffee somewhere?

    Thank you for your time!

    Ernie Jenkins
    Long time resident of Centre County.
    Concerned Citizen and Patriot.
    Christian by the GRACE of God and Jesus Christ (the name to which every tongue will confess and every knee shall bow)
    I reside in Hublersburg.

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