Climate Realism Battleground:Ideas February 20, 2023

Climate Realism

There’s no denying that the earth has warmed over the past century; the question is why and what the future holds. Climate hysteria claims mass extinctions, sea level rise, and extreme weather will happen before our eyes. Credible scientists have counter perspectives based on the facts and data. The silenced voices of scientific inquiry show that the relationship between temperature and CO2 doesn’t fit the models and that climate is a complex interaction between many factors beyond the influence of anthropogenic CO2. Here are perspectives you need to hear but won’t as long as climate hysteria fuels the narratives. Try a dose of climate realism below.

Ross McKitrick on big problems with paleoclimate data and land temperature records

Climate Alarmism w/ Professor Richard Lindzen

Judith Curry Professor of Atmospheric Science Perspective on Climate Change

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