LGBTQ Battleground:Ideas February 20, 2023


The cultural debate over LGBTQ centers on the criteria that define gender and its influence on the social architecture of gender in America. Traditional views see gender as determined by biology, with 99.5% of people comfortable with the gender that conforms to their chromosomes. Post-truth Marxist America demands that social conditioning and the emotional preferences of individuals define gender, allowing gender to conform to personal preferences moving it beyond biology and the binary, either male or female category. Which is correct, and should the transgender community be permitted to overturn the entire social architecture of gender for Western Culture? Is the West a tyrannical patriarchy? Is there a gender pay gap? Is masculinity toxic?

Jordan Peterson on gender differences, biology, patriarchy, and gender pay gaps.

Jordan Peterson obliterates Kathy Newman on gender, transgender, patriarchy, and toxic masculinity.

Matt Walsh on gender- he hasn’t read How Do I Talk to my Kids about Social Justice yet.

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