How Do I Respond to the Culture War – Free download! Battleground:Ideas October 12, 2023

How Do I Respond to the Culture War Free Download

Are you looking for help to understand and respond to LGBTQ, Critical Race Theory (CRT), and Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) programs? This concise resource provides the background and foundational principles for these ideologies and describes how they function to advance agendas in society. It demonstrates how to draft public policy statements that provide firm boundaries on their influence and gives examples you can use in the fight to protect your schools, churches, and communities. How Do I Respond to the Culture War? is a concise resource that gives you immediate access to the information and strategies you have been searching for. Download your FREE copy today to start making an impact on your school board and local community.

How Do I Respond to



Chapter 1 – How Do I Respond to LGBTQ?

Chapter 2 – How Do I Respond to Critical Race Theory (CRT)?

Chapter 3 – How Do I Respond to Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI)?

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Chuck Mason BattlegroundIdeas

Chuck Mason - About The Author

Chuck Mason (BS Biology, MDiv) studied Post-Modern philosophy and its influence on faith and American culture while pursuing a Master of Divinity degree at Fuller Theological Seminary. He has devoted his intellectual life to tracking the challenges Postmodern philosophy and American Marxism have on the American political and cultural landscape, sharing his insights and educating throughout the area.

  • As a speaker, he has presented on topics from, The Legislative Implications of Transgender Agenda for Congressman GT Thompson to The Flight from Faith – Woke Culture’s Influence on our Children’s Flight from God for pastors and churches.
  • Chuck Mason discusses the effect of contemporary Marxism on faith, culture, and politics in his podcast Battleground Ideas.
  • He supports Churches as they protect families and children from the devastating influence of Post-Modern Culture through his book How Do I Talk to My Kids about Social Justice?
  • He continues to teach at forums and churches throughout the area.