How Do I Respond to the Transgender Ideology? Chuck Mason September 7, 2023

How Do I Respond to the Transgender Ideology?

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If you want to get involved in the transgender front of the culture war and don’t know where to begin, you’re not alone. The ideology is complex and results from over a century of intellectual development, making it almost impossible to understand without education and resources. If you’re looking for help, you’ve come to the right place. This article will give you the education and guidance you’ll need to construct sound arguments and public policy initiatives for your business, school board, community, and committed Leftist Liberal.

The best place to begin is with some history and context.

The transgender ideology is the product of radical and dramatic changes in the fundamental concepts the Progressive Left uses to determine what is “real” and what’s acceptable as they reorder society to conform to their vision of a progressive America. The Left has been heavily influenced by the postmodern movement in philosophy, adopting a radical set of beliefs and theories about gender that they’re imposing on society. The postmodern movement challenged America’s intellectual and cultural foundations, causing people to reject the fundamental principles people used to define what it means to be a man or woman throughout history, replacing them with radical theories that are antithetical and irreconcilable with traditional America. Postmodernity has had a quiet yet devastating impact on our world, and the transgender movement is only one of its many influences on the world.

Postmodernity challenged the use of fundamental principles to determine what’s real, logic and rational thought and what’s acceptable, the moral framework of the Judeo-Christian worldview, for our society. Postmodernity declared truth didn’t exist, and the concepts of rational thought, God, and religion were grand myths people used to gain power and control over others. Lies that created myths about heterosexual binary, male or female, gender that excluded and oppressed the LGBTQ community. They argued that new concepts and theories must guide American society; a new progressive vision for America must replace repressive traditional America (see this article for a deeper look into this process What is a Woman? – Matt Walsh, Here’s Your Answer.).

The Left bought the postmodern arguments rejecting logic, rational thought, and the Judeo-Christian worldview. They rejected facts and logic and became “post-truth,”[1] replacing logic and critical thinking with feelings, emotions, and preferences to determine what is “real.” They advanced “blank slate social conditioning” as the only mechanism that creates personal identity, rejecting the concept that individual characteristics, i.e., gender, arise from any inherited or biological factor. This view sees each person as a blank slate at birth, and their identity is defined by society and conditioned by their social experiences. Gender, race, sexuality, and identity are concepts that each society creates from unique experiences and, therefore, can be anything a community or individual imagines and desires. Each culture creates its definition of gender and imprints it upon those people living within it. Gender is no longer defined as male or female based on chromosomes but is constructed by communities and determined by the emotions and preferences of individuals. The Left relies on post-truth social conditioning to define gender.

Here’s how post-truth social conditioning defines gender for the Progressive Left. In the past, we used science and logic to determine gender like this. ”Aristotle has a Y chromosome. All people with a y chromosome are men; therefore, Aristotle is a man.” With post-truth social conditioning, people and identity groups determine gender based on their emotions and preferences like this. ”Aristotle has a Y chromosome. Aristotle FEELS like a woman; therefore, Aristotle is a woman.” Gender becomes any concept society creates, and people affirm based on their emotions and preferences. The answer to Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh’s “What is a woman?” is this: whatever concepts society constructs and individuals choose based on their feelings.

Post-truth social conditioning opens a pandora’s box, allowing any identity group to demand legitimacy based on their preferences and society’s affirmation. If everything is a social construct, then every position society creates is legitimate and must be affirmed. Currently, we have the furies, people who believe they are other forms of life trapped in a human body; MAPS (minor-attracted persons), who are individuals that claim legitimacy for pedophilia; trans-ableism, people who feel they are disabled without a confirmed disability, and trans-racialism, people identifying their preferred race when they have no genetic or visibly identifiable connection with that minority community. This is only the beginning.

The latest estimate for the percentage of transgender people in America is 0.5%,[2] which means 99.5% of Americans are comfortable with the gender that conforms to their biology and have no interest in the radical reordering of American society. It’s critical to recognize that a special interest group of 0.5% of the population demands a privileged status and the right to overturn the foundations of society based on their emotions and preferences. This has the following consequences.

Here are the fallacies and negative consequences of transgender ideology that become the basis for our policies and arguments.

  • Overturns the entire social architecture of gender and sexuality in America based on the preferences of 0.5% of the population.
  • Sacrifices the safety, emotional, and sexual integrity of 99.5% of Americans.
  • Creates a new form of patriarchy, trans patriarchy, that allows any male with a Y-chromosome to dominate women in athletics and any other endeavor where a man can gain access to a women’s protected spaces, careers, athletics, and social institutions based on gender identity.
  • Destroys the refuge and protection for women to determine the outcome of their lives free from an unjust dominance of the Y chromosome. Women become victims of the incursion of male sexuality and physical dominance in every area of society.
  • Creates a dangerous precedent for every identity politics group, MAPS, the trans-abled and trans-race, to claim legitimacy and privileged status towards acceptance and complete accommodation at every level of society.
  • Becomes the justification for minor children’s mutilation through gender reassignment surgery.

Here are the critical points for legislation.

  • Affirm the right for people to live as transgender in our pluralist American society.
  • Renounce any efforts to persecute, malign, or harm any members of the transgender community.
  • Participation in institutions and practices of American society must occur based upon aligning chromosomes to the existing social architecture of binary gender as defined by 99.5% of Americans.
  •  The use of bathrooms, locker rooms, changing rooms, or any other public space will be defined by aligning one’s chromosomes that are consistent with the current social architecture of binary gender, not preferences.
  • Athletic participation will be defined by aligning chromosomes, regardless of hormone treatment designed to reduce the disparate advantage of male biology.
  • All areas of life that have required equal rights and opportunity protections for women must be preserved and protected based on chromosomes of birth. Although transgender people have the right to express their gender, transgender women cannot supplant biological women in the workplace based on a preferred gender expression.
  • Oppose all gender transition surgeries for anyone under 18.
  • Protect minority and disabled communities from trans-race and trans-able populations from claiming racial and disability benefits based upon post-truth social conditioning.

Here is an example policy statement drafted using the information presented above.

We affirm the right for transgender individuals to express themselves within a pluralist society and renounce all efforts to persecute, malign, or harm any members of the transgender community.  However, specific considerations must take precedence when it comes to the personal expressions of preference in society and the participation of the transgender community within our public institutions. The 99.5% of Americans who identify with the binary gender that aligns with their chromosomes have the fundamental right to protect their emotional and sexual health and security from the incursion of members of the opposite binary gender within protected and private spaces. Thus, the social architecture of gender defined by binary sexuality, male or female, must remain intact, and the transgender community must use spaces that align with the chromosomes of their birth. This includes but is not limited to bathrooms, locker rooms, sports activities, and dressing rooms. The emotional/sexual health and safety of 99.5% of Americans cannot be compromised for the emotional preferences of 0.5% who align with an obscure theory of social conditioning.

Additionally, deconstructing and reimagining the social architecture of gender in America based on the preferences of a fractional minority sets a dangerous precedence. Any identity politics group can demand complete accommodation within society, citing the accommodation of the transgender movement as precedence, demanding the same privilege to reimagine society based on their preferences and beliefs in obscure theoretical concepts. This leads to chaos, and for this reason (and the many other points listed above that should be included but are not included here for time and brevity), the transgender community must integrate into the social architecture of binary gender as it is currently constructed as it aligns with their chromosomes.

This statement should be expanded using the points presented above in similar arguments. Clearly stated evidence speaks to the vast majority of Americans searching for a well-articulated position that recognizes the space for personal expression yet clearly articulates the boundaries to protect the majority in our communities.  Take a moment to craft your statement with the other points using the above example as a template, then simplify them into brief talking points and positions you can use in any setting where you discuss the transgender ideology. It may seem challenging, but it becomes easier over time.

If you’re looking for a quick, devastating reply, use this.

“If it acceptable for a biological male to identify as a woman based upon post-truth social conditioning, what’s to stop an able-bodied white male from identifying as a disabled, black, lesbian then seek affirmative action and Americans with disability protection society if they choose?” Don’t allow the discussion to progress until they provide an answer…

The transgender ideology is used as a wedge issue to make post-truth social conditioning the paradigm to determine the social architecture for gender, sexuality, identity, and race in America. It will continue to transform American society if it is not opposed. The Left is working to elevate transgender agenda within the suite of fundamental human rights with race and traditional gender. If this is accepted in the mind of the American public, it receives the same protections as race, traditional concepts of gender, or disability.

This is a crusade to create a fully post-Christian society, and everything is in play; it’s time to get off the sidelines.

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