It’s Time for Boundaries on the 0.5% Transgender Minority Chuck Mason January 26, 2024

It’s Time for Boundaries on the 0.5% Transgender Minority

The transgender ideology is the wildest grift of the 21st century. Any man, MAP (minor-attracted person [Sic] pedophile), or teenage boy can freely shower with your daughter, sister, fiancé, or wife because we’ve been intimidated by an obscure social theory, post-truth social conditioning that distorts the lives of a tiny part of the American population.

They caught us so entirely off guard we didn’t know where to begin. Cudos to them.

But enough is enough. It’s time to get the facts and set the boundaries for our nation’s gender safety protocols.

Here are the facts.

The transgender community makes up a minuscule fraction of the population. According to the latest survey, there are 1.6 Million transgender people in America. That sounds like a lot until you do the math; it’s 0.5% of America’s population when you round up. The trans-Marxists are destroying America’s social architecture of gender for the feelings of 0.5% of the population. They claim it’s an absolute moral imperative. Hetero-normal, cisgender, Judeo-Christian, binary American sexuality is oppression that stigmatizes trans-Americans, keeping them from becoming who they truly are. We’re told that once the chains are off, transgender freedom will flow like a river. A wave of Rainbow liberation would surge across America.

They kicked the doors open during the chaos of the pandemic, but the surging Rainbow didn’t get far. It peaked at a figure less than that of youth soccer players, 3 million, while pickleball players, 35 million, grew by 158% since 2020, leaving the trans community in the dust. The Rainbow and Republican Red Waves became strange bedfellows. Both fell flat.

Time-honored binary gender remained remarkably constant. It turns out chromosomes are so utterly dominant that transgenderism can’t overtake pickleball in the minds of the American binary majority.

In America, the gender rights of that majority rule, especially given the precious nature of sexuality and the need to protect women from physical and sexual harassment – unwanted physical and sexual behavior that violates a person’s boundaries and rights. Remember when women called the cops if a man exposed his junk in their locker room? It was known as sexual battery before “I identify as a woman.” became the ultimate get-out-of-jail-free mantra.

But the protections for the majority don’t matter in the age of identity politics, where radically obscure theories about human development spin Marxist victimization narratives as fractal special interest groups scream genocide because they can’t intimidate the 99.5% to accommodate their preferences. Cancel culture won’t tolerate the dissent, no matter how fact-based and founded in biology, common sense, and the premise that we believe all women (and the police) that exposing junk without consent is sexual battery.

Sexual battery is no longer a thing, as Leftist demands for absolute conformity have everyone in on this scam. Even the Feministas seem willing to grant men absolution for sexual battery in their locker rooms to maintain Leftist solidarity.

One would think they don’t care about women’s progress and safety.

Members of the gay and trans communities care about the 99.5%.

Martina Navratilova and Kaitlyn Jenner voiced the absurdity and their concern. Men will shatter more than women’s records. Someone’s daughter will be seriously injured in a woman’s contact sport by a man who couldn’t cut it in his league, and they know it. They are the voice of reason, while the Left sacrifices women’s progress on the altar of trans rights.

Enough is enough; it’s time for the boundaries.

Here’s how we do it.

We must understand how the transgender ideology creates unique concepts of gender that satisfy their desires. Transgenderism relies on the theories of post-truth and social conditioning to construct gender, race, and every human characteristic. Post-truth means people rely on feelings to determine reality. Social conditioning defines human characteristics like gender as social constructs, concepts each society develops from unique perspectives that imprint on people living in them. Gender becomes any concept society creates that people affirm based on their feelings and desires. You are whatever concept of gender best fits your preferences. Feelings and emotions drive the ideology.

See, society can create any concept of gender they like, but these concepts can’t advance unless people’s feelings compel them to force them on America.

They are deconstructing the social architecture of gender, forcing men into women’s athletics and locker rooms based on the emotional preferences of 0.5% of our population. They’ll claim that it’s all based on a radically obscure theory of social conditioning while ignoring that it openly defies biology, history, anthropology, faith, and binary gender that’s defined 99.5% of humanity throughout its existence. This insanity has few parallels in all human history.

Their emotions are bullying you.

It’s time to set some boundaries.

People must integrate into the social architecture of gender based on the chromosomes of their birth, regardless of their gender preference. We recognize people are free to identify with constructs in a pluralist society, but we refuse to allow their feelings to become our “reality”; boundaries exist to protect sexuality and safety. We refuse to sacrifice the physical, psychological, and sexual integrity of our nation for the emotional preferences of 0.5% of our population.

Here’s a policy statement from How Do I Respond to the Culture War? you can use to articulate this position:

“We recognize the right of transgender individuals to express themselves within a pluralist society and denounce all efforts to persecute, malign, or harm any members of the transgender community.  However, specific considerations must take precedence when it comes to the personal expressions of preference in society and the participation of the transgender community within our public institutions. The 99.5% of Americans who identify with the binary gender that aligns with their chromosomes have the fundamental right to protect their emotional and sexual health and security from the incursion of members of the opposite binary gender within protected and private spaces. Thus, the social architecture of gender defined by binary sexuality, male or female, must remain intact, and the transgender community must use spaces that align with the chromosomes of their birth. This includes but is not limited to bathrooms, locker rooms, sports activities, and dressing rooms. The emotional/sexual health and safety of 99.5% of Americans cannot be compromised for the emotional preferences of 0.5% who align with an obscure theory of social conditioning.

Additionally, deconstructing and reimagining the social architecture of gender in America based on the preferences of a fractional minority sets a dangerous precedence. Any identity politics group can demand complete accommodation within society, citing the accommodation of the transgender movement as precedence, demanding the same privilege to reimagine society based on their preferences and beliefs in obscure theoretical concepts. This leads to chaos, and for these reasons, the transgender community must integrate into the social architecture of binary gender as it is currently constructed as it aligns with their chromosomes.”

Capitulation opens Pandora’s box that’s impossible to contain. If post-truth social conditioning becomes the paradigm for human development, preferences and desires become the justification to radically transform society. Nothing stops your worst social nightmare from reordering our world. Any identity politics group can demand complete accommodation, citing the transgender movement as precedence, demanding the same privilege right to reorder society based on their preferences and beliefs in obscure theoretical concepts.

This isn’t about denying the transgender community the right to their feelings; it’s denying their feelings the right to become our “reality.” If you’re trans, you’re trans. You have the right to self-expression in our pluralist country with safety and respect. You’re free to roam about the country in your trans liberation until you violate protected spaces. You’re not a woman if you have a Y chromosome, and your feelings can’t upset the social fabric of a nation. “You do you” works in life until it doesn’t. That’s when the boundaries kick in.

Life is full of boundaries. We’ll start with this. Your feelings don’t dictate a nation’s reality. It’s a tough lesson to learn but one we’re willing to enforce.

If you want help understanding the transgender agenda, you can find more resources at our Battleground: Ideas website. Start with How Do I Respond To The Transgender Ideology? and What is a Woman? – Matt Walsh Here’s Your Answer. For a more in-depth look, get a copy of the book How Do I Talk to My Kids About Social Justice? and How Do I Respond to the Culture War? These will take you from a basic understanding of LGBTQ to drafting public policy statements you can use on your local school board. Let us know what you think and what you need. We are here to help.

Peace be unto you…CM.

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    March 4, 2024, 4:18 pm

    I accept God’s Word since He is the CREATOR of this World and He created Man and Woman in that order. God is the Only Way, the Only Truth and the Only Life. God sent His Son to do away with Religion, Confusion, Corruption and SIN.

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