The Toxic Gender Cocktail of Social Unrest Chuck Mason January 19, 2024

The Toxic Gender Cocktail of Social Unrest

Post-truth social conditioning, the social phenomenon behind the transgender ideology, is destroying traditional America. Say goodbye to gender, family, marriage, sexuality, church, community, and everything sane.

This toxic gender cocktail of social unrest is coming for it all.

So what is it? It’s an association between two theories about truth and human development, that’s creating our post-Christian world. It’s the driving force behind LGBTQ, the destruction of the family, and the sex-positive world that’s consuming our kids. Society implodes if it becomes the dominant social development theory in America. Here’s how it works and what’s at stake.

Post-truth – We used to rely on facts to determine reality; now, we use feelings.

We use facts, science, logic, and rational thought to determine what’s accurate and real about our world. Let’s take gender. If we wanted to know if Aristotle was a man or a woman, we would analyze data about his chromosomes with logic. It works like this: Aristotle has a Y chromosome. All humans with a Y chromosome are male; therefore, Aristotle is a man. It’s worked for all time.

The Left replaced logic with feelings after the postmodern movement successfully deconstructed our confidence that facts, data, logic, and common sense accurately describe the world. Today, people are post-truth; they rely on feelings, emotions, and preferences to determine their reality. Here’s how post-truth works for gender. Aristotle has a Y chromosome. Aristotle FEELS like a woman; therefore, Aristotle is a woman.

Today, feelings and preferences determine what’s real, which sets a dangerous precedent. Without facts and logic, we can’t sort delusion from reality. Post-truth allows preference and desire to rule the world.

Social conditioning – Society determines everything.

Blank slate social conditioning, Tabula Rasa, is a social development theory that believes all human behavior is learned through social experiences. Gender, race, sexuality, personality – every human characteristic is a social construct, a learned behavior created by society, not biology. Here’s how it works. Societies create unique concepts of gender that result from experiences and preferences, which means gender can become any concept that an individual or group creates, and society affirms. Society imprints these constructs on people through their social experience. Gender becomes a process of socialization where people adopt the constructs that align with their feelings and preferences.

Post-truth Social Conditioning

Here’s how they work together. Gender becomes any construct society creates, and people affirm based on their feelings, emotions, and preferences. That’s how a biological male identifies as a transgender female in today’s world. Society creates a concept of female disconnected from biology; his feelings determine reality. There are no limitations within post-truth social conditioning. Gender can be any concept society creates. When a group or individual affirms a gender construct, everyone in society affirms the reality or faces cancel culture.

Impact on Society

This convoluted theory impacts every aspect of human development, from race to disability, opening a Pandora’s box of social chaos. If everything is a construct, everyone gets a seat at the table. This will unravel American society as we know it.

That’s been the intention all along. Here’s the how and why.

Let’s start with race. If race is a social construct, then white males who feel they’re black can identify as members of the black community seeking affirmative action preferences anywhere in society. What’s to stop someone from identifying as a cat if their feelings tell them they’re a cat trapped in a human body? Nothing. Welcome to the magical world of the furies, where people identify as cats, worms, trees, fairies, and gnomes based on feelings and preferences. Disability? If I’m able-bodied but feel disabled, I identify as disabled to receive benefits from society.  

Let’s talk sex. If sex is a social construct, everything is acceptable. You can’t deny pedophiles their space in a sex-positive world. Welcome to the MAPS, Minor Attracted Persons who legitimize their perversion as a construct. Heterosexual marriage and family? Christian myths victimize by delegitimizing alternative constructs of sex and lifestyle. Every sexual relationship and family structure works in a sex-positive world. They’re all constructs; celebrate them all. It’s only the mythical Christian sky-God who claims ultimate authority, denying everyone their post-truth socially conditioned lifestyle of choice.

Memo to Marxist radicals: anyone can play this toxic game. I’m a heterosexual, able-bodied, cis-white male. I’m identifying as a disabled black lesbian tomorrow. Looking forward to the affirmative action preferences and disability benefits. Get the picture?

If post-truth social conditioning determines human identity, radicals deconstruct society for their vision of reality. Their brave new world becomes a dystopian nightmare where Fern has sex with a tween kitten whose trans mom is a stay-at-home version because he’s able-bodied, claiming disability while polyamorous with Gnome, Sarah (trans-woman), and Worm, who also get benefits because their addictions of choice are social constructs and debilitating diseases.

It’s all possible in a post-truth, socially conditioned world; don’t let anyone tell you differently.

The world changed. We are here to help.

If you’re looking for help fighting the culture war, you can find more resources here on our Battleground: Ideas website. Start with How Do I Respond To The Transgender Ideology? and What is a Woman? – Matt Walsh Here’s Your Answer. For a more in-depth look, get a copy of my book How Do I Talk to My Kids About Social Justice? and How Do I Respond to the Culture War? These will take you from a basic understanding of LGBTQ to drafting public policy statements you can use on your local school board. Let us know what you need and what you think. We are here to help.

Peace be unto you…CM.

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