Time to Identify as Disabled, Black Lesbians… Chuck Mason May 1, 2023

Time to Identify as Disabled, Black Lesbians…

Sounds like he read Kindergarten Drag Queen Story Hour in How Do I Talk to My Kids about Social Justice? You can use this strategy to challenge LGBTQ with your kids, coworkers, or local Marxist radicals. I cover this in-depth in my book, and people all over America are waking up to the failures of social justice narratives when they are pushed to their limits. You can push back and change people’s hearts and minds. Just get equipped and get involved. Order a copy of the book and check out the video resources here at Battleground: Ideas. It’s not too late. The fun is just getting started.

Indiana Republican jokingly coming out as lesbian ‘woman of color’ sparks outrage, calls for his execution | Fox News

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