UFOs, Aliens, Science, and the Bible Chuck Mason October 31, 2023

UFOs, Aliens, Science, and the Bible

The alien craze hits a new level – what’s actually happening? US fighter pilot encounters and the list of so-called experts who say they have the insider information that the US government possesses alien technology and bodies makes us think the big reveal is coming. But all we get is more of the same tantalizing videos and stories that keep the fantasy alive while never confirming whether aliens are real. Our military undeniably tracks objects that defy the laws of physics while no one ever produces an alien body or space craft. What’s actually happening here? Are aliens real, and did they evolve on another planet? Is interstellar space travel actually possible? What does it mean for Christians if aliens exist and what does the Bible have to say about life on other planets? This podcast takes a deep dive into the science of life’s origins, the possible evolution of alien life, the overwhelming challenges of interstellar travel, Biblical perspectives on life on other planets and an explanation of what’s actually behind the UFO/UAP phenomena from the perspective of the Church. I’ll provide perspectives from my degrees in biology (BS Penn State) and theology (MDiv Fuller). If you’ve got questions, I’ve got answers. Click the link to the podcast – www.youtube.com/watch?v=CU_Cfdfr58M&t=35s. As always – like, share, subscribe and tell us what you think.

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