What is A Woman? – Matt Walsh, Here’s Your Answer. Chuck Mason July 9, 2023

What is A Woman? – Matt Walsh, Here’s Your Answer.

What is a Woman? fails its purpose and leads us to the answers.

Here’s to Matt Walsh and The Daily Wire for producing a documentary that can’t find an answer to one of the most straightforward questions we’ve ever asked during our collective human experience. There’s no other way to state this. What is a Woman? fails its one simple, singular purpose.

Which makes it one of the most important documentaries of the year.

What is a Woman?’s inability to find its answer confronts us with the chaos surrounding gender, revealing how radically America’s foundations are being transformed. It’s a wake-up call for the culture war, daring us to accept that we’re losing the ability to define the fundamental concepts intrinsic to who we are. It shows us that something is happening to America, something we can’t or don’t want to comprehend. It screams that we’re not in Kansas anymore, and it’s only the beginning.

Kindergarten drag queen story hour is indoctrinating our kids. Progressives refuse to define a woman; they demand that biological men use women’s locker rooms, allowing them to demolish women’s athletics, then label the rejection of this “reality” trans-genocide as Whitehouse press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre did. Radicals are deconstructing the social architecture of gender in America, unilaterally rejecting the binary of male or female while imposing the radical gender spectrum on every American. Something’s rotten in the States of America.

Something happened to the mind of the Progressive Left. Matt feels it. We feel it. Something has changed, but people don’t know what it is. Matt recognizes eight minutes into the documentary:

“It’s a simple question. So why is it so hard to answer? This is going to take some serious investigation. For all of human existence, women were understood to be a certain thing. So what changed?”

So, what changed? This is the critical question. What’s causing the Progressive Left to deconstruct the traditional understanding of gender accepted by 99.5% of Americans who identify with the binary male or female that aligns with their chromosomes. What’s causing the Left to impose an extreme ideological position on the country, and how do we even begin to understand it?

These are difficult questions, and the answers can only be found by exploring the radical ideas of the postmodern movement that influenced the Progressive Left to break from traditional America and adopt a radical new vision of gender in society. That’s a journey through philosophy and the history of ideas to understand the profound changes to the fundamental concepts the Left uses to determine what is real and acceptable in our society.

The History.

The Left adopted radical ideas to define gender in society when the postmodern philosophical movement challenged the entire intellectual framework of knowledge and morality for traditional America. Postmodernity caused a quiet yet devastating intellectual revolution that’s causing more and more people to abandon the fundamental principles that are the basis for traditional America and embrace a progressive vision of society.  America is the product of the influence of logic and rational thought guided by Judeo-Christian principles; together, their influence created one of the most successful societies in human history. Yet America is by no means perfect and, like any society, has flaws that lead to very dark periods in its history. Postmodern philosophers claimed these flaws and dark periods were stark evidence that America’s reliance on rational thought and the Judeo-Christian worldview created a corrupt and oppressive society. They rejected the validity of logic, Christianity, and the traditional America they made and began their movement to deconstruct America’s intellectual foundations and institutions.

Progressives bought the postmodern narrative and began to deconstruct traditional America’s biblically influenced society.  They replaced rational thought and the Judeo-Christian worldview with radical new concepts and paradigms that they used to redefine basic principles and institutions.  These radical new ideas are precisely what changed and are the influence behind the radical gender ideology they’re imposing on America. The Left is on a crusade to create a Progressive America, free from the influence of Judeo-Christian bigotry and the narrowminded constraints of logic and rational thought.

It’s almost impossible to understand the chaos surrounding gender if you don’t understand the ideas that drive gender ideology. The only way to understand them is by taking a short journey through the philosophical transformations to understand the radical new principles the Left uses to guide them. Once we understand the transformations, we can answer the questions: What changed? And what is a woman?

The Background.

For most of America’s history, Americans on both the Right and Left shared foundational ideas we used to help us determine what’s real about the world and guide us as we order society.  We agreed on a set of fundamental principles to define what it means to be a woman, which is why women have been understood to be a certain thing throughout history. We agreed on the definition because we used the same ideas and intellectual methods to define what a woman is. But the ideas people use to define the foundations of their society are subject to change; they’re never fixed. Philosophical revolutions challenge perspectives and introduce new ideas that transform concepts as fundamental as what it means to be a woman.

We’re living through a philosophical revolution that’s completely reordering the intellectual landscape of the American Left. They’ve rejected the agreed-upon methods traditional America used to define gender, adopting a radical set of beliefs and theories about what it means to be a woman that is entirely antithetical to the views accepted by humanity throughout its history. The Progressive Left uses new intellectual methods and paradigms to define gender antithetical to those traditionally used worldwide.

This is precisely why Matt can’t get a straight answer (I’ll take the pun) to this simple question. What is a Woman? reveals just how radically the moral paradigm of the Left has departed from traditional America. The departure is a product of the influence of the postmodern movement that challenged the ideas traditional America uses to comprehend the world.

Postmodernity in 60 seconds.

The postmodern movement argued that America is a failed nation because it was built on the false belief that people could rely on logic, rational thought, truth, and Biblical principles to create a fair and just society. They pointed to the horrible injustice of slavery, income inequality, and the oppression of indigenous people and the LGBTQ community throughout America’s history as irrefutable proof that rational thought and the Bible provide the pathway for using power that gave people the ability to cause terrible injustice and exploitation. Postmodernity argued that traditional America used logic, science, and biblical myths to force a false narrative about God, morality, and truth upon the world. This narrative gave power, privilege, and wealth to some as they exploited minority and marginalized communities. Every aspect of traditional American society was corrupt because it was built upon failed intellectual assumptions and needed to be deconstructed and rebuilt into one that’s inclusive, fair, and tolerant.

The Left bought into these arguments and began to imagine a vision of a progressive American society free from the bigotry of Christianity and the domination of logic and rational thought. This vision embraced radical concepts of gender that are a complete departure from the Judeo-Christian influence of traditional America’s binary, heterosexually dominated culture. They want to purge society of traditional concepts of male or female and create one that’s open, tolerant, and accepting of radical new views of a non-binary gender-fluid world.

This may be unthinkable to traditional Americans, but intellectual revolutions are a part of the human experience.

Intellectual revolutions happen throughout human history, and when they do, they question the foundations of society, causing people to reject their core beliefs and adopt new visions. When core principles change, society changes with them; people reconstruct society to conform to their unique vision. This is precisely what’s happening in America today. The Left bought into the postmodern movement’s challenge of Western civilization, rejected traditional America’s intellectual foundations, embraced a radical new vision, and began a crusade to transform America. The chaos surrounding gender is a product of the Left’s attempts to create a tolerant gender-affirming society.

These transformations are almost impossible for traditional Americans to comprehend. That’s why we can’t Matt’s questions until we understand what changed in the mind of the Progressive Left.

What changed?

The Progressive Left embraced the emerging post-truth era and blank-slate social conditioning as the foundational ideas determining gender. These concepts became essential pillars of their worldview when they rejected logic, rational thought, and the Judeo-Christian influence that God created men and women as distinct identities. They consider the binary of male or female an oppressive Judeo-Christian myth created when science, rational thought, and Christianity were given the unwarranted privilege to become the dominant factors people used to define what it means to be a woman. In their eyes, binary gender was an invented idea forced upon humanity by intolerant religious bigots who favored logic, protected patriarchy, and oppressed the LGBTQ community by imposing their unsubstantiated religious views upon the world.

Today, the Left relies on the post-truth use of feelings and emotions coupled with the theory of social conditioning to define gender. This new paradigm, post-truth social conditioning, is antithetical to rational thought and science, creating concepts of gender that are wholly incompatible with traditional America. Progressives want to make this the norm for America as they reconstruct our institutions to conform to their vision. Here’s how this works.


The Progressive Left has become post-truth, replacing logic and critical thinking with the use of feelings, emotions, and preferences to determine what is “real.” They reject using facts, logic, science, and rational thought as the primary sources to gain reliable information and reach accurate conclusions about the world. They see facts as nothing more than subjective interpretations of experiences. People use these interpretations to defend agendas that give them the power to oppress marginalized and LGBTQ communities. The Left relies on feelings as the ultimate measure to determine reality. They became post-truth after they accepted the criticisms the postmodern philosophers argued in their attempt to discredit the reliance on logic and rational thought.

The postmodern movement said science, data, facts, and critical thinking are all simply opinions about the world that are the product of an oppressive era of Judeo-Christian dominance. Facts aren’t truth claims that determine reality because truth is an illusion. There is no single truth, only opinions and interpretations of the world that people use to gain and protect power. Since there is no truth that everyone agrees on, there are no facts, only subjective interpretations that people use to protect their agendas.

If facts were corrupt, logic was corrupt because it relied on these so-called “facts” to arrive at conclusions. Postmodernity declared that logic and rational thought were dishonest intellectual tools because they were based on the false assumption that facts were truth statements that conveyed reliable information about the world. Believing these arguments, the Left rejected facts, data, science, logic, and rational thought as the primary intellectual tools people use to determine what is real and accurate about the world, which left them in need of another method to determine their reality.

Rejecting facts and rational thought, the Left became post-truth, relying on their feelings, emotions, and preferences as the primary tools to determine what’s “real” and “accurate” about the world. People rely on their feelings and emotions to confirm their beliefs and decide what’s real for them, you, and society. “Reality” for the Left is that which conforms to their feelings and is confirmed by their emotions, regardless of whether facts, science, and rational thought demonstrate otherwise. They believe something is accurate based on their feelings, not whether it’s been proven or verified by another method of analysis. The post-truth approach to determining “reality’ is becoming the method more and more people rely on to confirm their interpretations of the world.

Blank-slate social conditioning.

The Left rejects the concept that personal characteristics like gender arise from any inherited biological factor or God’s creative acts and believes “blank slate social conditioning” is the only mechanism that creates personal identity. Blank-slate social conditioning sees each person as a blank slate at birth; their identity is defined by society and conditioned by their social experiences. Human characteristics like gender, race, sexuality, and personality are not fixed by creation, biology, or birth; they are social constructs, concepts societies construct from their unique experiences, perspectives, desires, and beliefs. People adopt these constructs when they are conditioned to behave in specific ways by the society in which they live. Society creates the social constructs of gender, race, and sexual identity and imprints these concepts on the people living in them, which means gender can be any concept a community desires or imagines.

Post-truth social conditioning creates gender.

Gender results from post-truth social conditioning when people identify with social constructs of gender based on their feelings and preferences. Gender is no longer defined as male or female based on science and chromosomes; it’s defined by a community’s constructs and determined by someone’s feelings. People identify with gender when their feelings, emotions, and preferences align with the different social gender constructs that emerge within society. Gender can be any concept a society imagines and people affirm based on their feelings, preferences, and desires. The concept of a woman has no fixed definition within this worldview. It can be defined any way a given culture sees fit based on the complex influence of the experiences, beliefs, feelings, and preferences of the people living within it.

What is a woman?

In the past, we used science and logic to determine gender like this. If we wanted to know whether a person named Aristotle was a man or woman, we would use logic to analyze the facts and data provided by a scientific examination of Aristotle that demonstrated Aristotle has a Y chromosome. A fundamental analysis with logic reveals this. ”Aristotle has a Y-chromosome. All people with a Y chromosome are men; therefore, Aristotle is a man.” With post-truth social conditioning, people determine gender based on emotions and preferences like this. ”Aristotle has a Y-chromosome. Aristotle FEELS like a woman; therefore, Aristotle is a woman.” Gender becomes any preferred position constructed by society and affirmed by the feelings and perceptions of an individual or group.

This is precisely why a biological man who identifies as a woman is considered a woman in the Progressive world. Once an individual identifies with a gender construct based on their emotions and preferences, the gender construct becomes the norm for the individual and society. In this worldview, concepts of gender are not fixed; they are fluid, reflecting the unique experiences of the community and the feelings of the individual. A “trans-woman” can be anyone who prefers and emotionally identifies with any concept of being “female” that society or individuals imagine.

This is why the question “What is a woman?” is nonsensical to the Progressive Left and why Matt can’t get an answer. The Left can’t, or won’t, answer it because the traditional concept of a woman has no value in their world. They have no answer for Matt Walsh because they no longer have any use for the traditional concept of a woman. In their mind, a traditional binary woman is an artifact of an oppressive biblical myth forced upon society for thousands of years. They have no interest in giving the concept any social currency; they want to destroy any influence of oppressive binary concepts of gender in society. The Left is determined to create concepts of sexuality and identity that have zero connection with anything from traditional America’s Judeo-Christian past. They’re on a crusade to create a gender-affirming society where a woman can be any concept a society creates, and individuals affirm based on their feelings and preferences.

Matt Walsh, here are your answers.

What changed? – post-truth social conditioning.

What is a woman? – whatever concept a society constructs and individuals affirm based on their feelings and preferences.

The most crucial point here is not defining what a woman is but recognizing that traditional America and the Progressive Left use two different moral paradigms that are antithetical and irreconcilable, making intelligent conversation between Left and Right impossible. Matt Walsh can’t get a straight answer because Matt and the Leftists speak to each other using incongruent intellectual categories that make intelligent conversation impossible.

This is the message of What is a Woman? – The Progressive Left is determined to make post-truth social conditioning the paradigm to determine gender and every other human characteristic, and there are drastic consequences for America.

Post-truth social conditioning opens a pandora’s box, allowing any identity group to demand legitimacy based on their preferences and society’s affirmation. If every human characteristic is a social construct, then everything is a construct, which means every identity group can claim legitimacy for their preferred position and demand acceptance in society. Currently, we have the furies, people who believe they are other forms of life trapped in a human body; minor-attracted persons (MAPS) who are individuals that claim legitimacy for pedophilia; trans-ableism, people who feel they are disabled even though medicine cannot confirm a disability; and trans-racialism, people who are identifying as their preferred race when they have no visibly identifiable connection with that minority community. This is only the beginning. The pandora’s box is open, and the Left demands legitimacy for every preferred lifestyle as they deconstruct traditional America, replacing it with one that conforms to their new moral vision.

The Left uses the transgender agenda as the wedge issue to ensure that post-truth social conditioning becomes the paradigm that determines every aspect of human identity and development for post-Christian America.

Welcome to your culture war.

The Left is on a crusade to create a fully post-Christian society, and everything is in play. It’s time to get up and fight in the battle of ideas waging around us, and we’re here to help.

If you’re overwhelmed by all this and unsure where to turn, you’re not alone. The ideology of the Left is almost impossible to battle if you don’t have the education and resources to comprehend how their worldview operates and the strategies to challenge it. Battleground: Ideas can help. We’re here to equip you with the resources you need to fight the culture war. Visit our website, www.battlegroundideas.com, and start with the book How Do I Talk to My Kids about Social Justice – Protecting Your Kids from the Woke Indoctrination of Public Schools. This book explains the profound intellectual changes driving the culture war and provides effective strategies to challenge social justice narratives with your kids, local school boards, coworkers, and family. The systems work for me and will for you. Check out my podcast series, Post Truth America, on the website to better understand the changes. Please share all of this, and we hope you’ll consider becoming a patron and supporting us financially through our website. Thank you for listening and for your support.

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